Bitcoin VPS Service Review – BuyVM

BuyVM is one of the multiple virtual private server hosting providers that started accepting Bitcoin payments at a very early stage. At that time, it was not that common to accept Bitcoin, even though the payment option has been quite successful for web hosting providers over the years. BuyVM is one of the oldest VPS providers that accept Bitcoin, and they are still in business this very day.

BuyVM Has Many Different Products

Shopping around for a virtual private server is not the same as buying a new car, though the decision should be weighed carefully.  BuyVM has virtual servers that can suit any need, and prices that can fit into nearly any budget. In fact, their Affordable plans range between US$3.5 per month and US$15 per year. That latter option is incredibly cheap and comes with 500GB of bandwidth.

The company also offers more advanced solutions, one of which is a pure VPS package. But the AnyCast VPS will attract more attention, as it allows users to set up their own global content delivery network with just a few clicks. The Anycast protocol will automatically route traffic to the nearest VPS, reducing site loading times and improving the overall experience. This service is free of charge for existing BuyVM customers and can even be used for the US$15 yearly VPS plan.

Any self-respecting VPS provider needs to put a lot of money into dedicated DDoS protection.Given the number of DDoS attacks taking place as of late, such a service is no luxury for any platform operator. The company has plans starting at US$3 per month, which can handle over 500 gigabytes per second of traffic with relative ease–quite can affordable rate, and it will certainly help keep a lot of websites online during such an attack.

DDoS protection is not the only feature the company has to offer, though. Users have multiple operating systems to choose from, and they offer a free internal network as well. This latter feature provides free bandwidth between services in the same region, which can be quite useful for companies running multiple servers in the same region.

So far, there are no negative reviews for BuyVM, which is a positive sign. The company was dealing with some downtime a while ago, but the issues were resolved rather quickly. They even followed up on a public forum explaining what happened and how they fixed the problem.

All things considered, BuyVM may be one of the most trustworthy Bitcoin-accepting VPS providers in the world today. Doing your own research is always advised, but it seems so far that their services can be trusted. Moreover, their plans are very affordable, and the DDoS protection makes them an excellent contender on the market.

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