Bitcoin VPS Review – Legionbox

Legionbox is a Bitcoin VPS provider very few people seem to be talking about, even though the company offers some interesting and sharp-priced products. VPS services are their bread and butter, but there are also dedicated servers, and other services users can purchase.

LegionBox Offers Distributed Servers

TheMerkle_VPS Dedicated Server Legionbox

One of the main selling points for VPS providers is the number of locations they can provide their services from. In the case of Legionbox, those locations are the US, Switzerland, Russia, and Germany. A bit of variation is always a good thing, although additional locations would not hurt anyone either.

Regarding the VPS services offered by Legionbox, there are quite a few options to choose from. Various operating systems are available, including multiple lInux distros and Windows. The products themselves will range from US$7 per month all the way up to US$149.99 per month. All of these services come with completely unmetered bandwidth, although restrictions will apply depending on VPS location.

The dedicated servers section of Legionbox has a wide selection available as well, with servers going up to US$450 per month, which includes 48GB DDR3 ram. There are certain bandwidth limitations put in place as well, although respecting them should not be an issue for most customers to begin with.

Among the additional services LegionBox users can apply to their VPS are additional IP addresses and hard drive space, cPanel access, and the usage of ISPmanager. It is important to note all of the servers include 24/7 support by default, as well as a 14-day money back guarantee for all purchases.  Plus, there is an affiliate program in place, which offers a 15% recurring sales commission.

The reviews for Legionbox are a bit of a hit and miss, although the consensus seems to be customers are relatively satisfied with the service provided. Although a report never tells the entire story, it is good to know the company’s support team is ready to help novice users with setting up their server correctly.


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