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Flexible and affordable VPS hosting solutions do not always result in reliable services in the Bitcoin world. Hostsailor has been around for a while, and they offer some dirt cheap prices compared to other companies. But does that make them worth your while?

Hostsailor Bitcoin VPS Services

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When we say Hostsailor has some of the lowest prices available, we were not kidding. Their OpenVZ Linux VPS plan starts from as little as US$1.99 per month, which results in 15GB of HDD space and 256GB of bandwidth per month. Not a bad deal, but for those users looking for something more, their most expensive solution goes for U$38.99 per month. This will give 180GB of HDD space and 8TB of bandwidth.

But Hostsailor offers other services as well, such as KVM servers running on either Linux or Windows, all of which are priced very competitively as well. This is one of the reasons why this company has become successful over the years, but also due to their variety of operating systems, control panels, and features. All in all, a very solid platform by the look of things.

However, there is one thing potential customers need to take into account, as these servers are located in either The Netherlands or Romania. For users who are looking for something more distributed, other companies might be a better option due to their servers around the world. This is a downside of Hostsailor, although it will not be a dealbreaker for everyone.

Other services offered by Hostsailor include domain names and SSL certificates, both of which are priced competitively as well. Additionally, the company offers a reseller program, which lets users resell the company’s hosting plans and tweak pricing to suit their needs. All of the additional services can be offered as well, which is a nice bonus.

As good as the pricing may be, any company stands or falls based on customer reviews. HostSailor seems to be checking a lot of the right boxes throughout the ears, as they get an average rating of 8.7 on Trustpilot. The fact they accept Bitcoin payments only makes for a better experience, as it lets users protect their privacy up to a certain extent.

Website: Hostsailor

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