Bitcoin VPN Service Review – VPNArea

Finding a VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin is not overly difficult these days. A lot of service providers see the benefit of dealing with the only global payment solution available today. VPNArea is a company which offers good services at affordable prices. They also have one of the more unusual website designs, although that does not impact their service one bit.

VPNArea Focuses On Speed And Privacy

When using a VPN server, there always seems to be a bit of a trade-off between improving privacy and getting the best bandwidth speeds. VPNArea wants to bridge this gap by focusing both on privacy and high bandwidth at the same time, all the while offering a service that remains affordable to people all over the world.

Optimizing the speed of a VPN connection is not easy, yet VPNArea feels that they have the tools it takes. In fact, they will try to enhance the experience while surfing the web or streaming video services. Even online gaming is a priority for this company. Some players use a VPN to access foreign gaming servers in the hopes of reducing their in-game lag.

But privacy is the primary reason why people choose a VPN service. Internet providers collect user data while surfing the internet or accessing online services. With a VPN, all of this information is hidden from the ISP. VPNArea encrypts all traffic with 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, the company will keep no logs either, which is a nice bonus.

With servers located in over 60 countries around the world, VPNArea is offering solutions that anyone can benefit from. Their speed test function will determine the quickest server near you. Additionally, VPNArea guarantees that they will keep the number of simultaneous users on the same server as low as possible, thus improving everybody’s experience.

One feature of the VPNArea software client that deserves some more attention is their Anti-DNS leak. Using a VPN service does not mean that your ISP can’t see what domain names are being visited. With this new feature enabled, users can effectively choose their DNS servers, ensuring that no information is leaked to the internet service provider.

Monthly plans for VPNArea cost US$9.90/month, but yearly plans are a lot cheaper at US$59. In fact, getting a 12-month subscription is only US$9 more expensive than a six-month plan. Based on the information provided on their website, this seems to be an excellent deal. Plus, they accept Bitcoin, which is always a good thing. The company also receives a lot of positive reviews, but always do your research before making a purchase.

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