Bitcoin VPN Service Review – NordVPN

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can spend Bitcoin on quite a few different products and services throughout the world. Together with VPS services, VPN access is always in high demand among Bitcoiners. Several service providers offer this access at an affordable rate, and NordVPN certainly falls into this category. But what else do they have to offer?

A Brief Overview of NordVPN’s Services

In this day and age of governments restricting users from accessing specific websites and blocking freedom of speech, using a VPN service is almost a necessity in certain countries. Thankfully, Bitcoin users can easily sign up for these services and do so at rather cheap rates.

NordVPN is one of the providers offering unrestricted access to its users. In fact, they call themselves “the world’s most advanced VPN.” If you are concerned about cybersecurity then NordVPN is a reliable name. For online protection and security check out NordVPN’s black friday deals.

One thing NordVPN prides itself on is how they encrypt data twice. This is very uncommon in the VPN service provider market, and they are the only ones doing so as of right now. Double encryption standards are always a positive development, and it gives the company a competitive edge over the rest.

Consumers are always looking for a VPN provider that has servers in many different countries. NordVPN has users covered in this regard, with 723 server locations across 56 different countries.  Plus, all of these servers come with the highest speed possible, ensuring a smooth user experience at any given time.

But there is more, as NordVPN also keeps no logs of whatever users are doing on their VPN network. This is can excellent company policy, as no one should know what VPN users are doing on the Internet, not even the provider. In the case of law enforcement asking what specific users are doing, there is no information to share. We can only hope to see more providers follow this lead by example.

Additionally, NordVPN will also terminate any site or software specified by the user once the VPN connection drops out. For example, it is possible to shut down all browser windows, or a streaming service, when this occurs–quite a nifty feature that many users will appreciate. Considering how the prices range from US$5.75 per month to US$11.95 per month, depending on which plan users choose, this is a VPN service worth considering.

It is difficult to find a negative review about NordVPN, as they have received high praise all across the board. PCMag even named them as their editor’s pick, which is quite an accomplishment for the company. Bitcoin users looking for a solid, secure solution should take a look at NordVPN, as they seem to check all of the right boxes.

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