Bitcoin VPN Service Review – AirVPN

The Number of VPN providers accepting Bitcoin payments continues to increase on a regular basis. AirVPN is an Italian company offering such a service, and they pride themselves on not using cookies or other means to track user activity. Moreover, their plans are rather affordable, making them a solid contender in the VPN market.

An Overview of the AirVPN Services

The AirVPN service is based on the OpenVPN protocol and is operated by a group of people who call themselves defenders of net neutrality. The service allows users to surf anonymously at any given time by hiding their IP address. But what is more important is how the company will not log user activities, which is an absolute must when it comes to respecting consumer privacy.

AirVPN also makes use of Diffie-Hellman key exchange, a process that is performed every sixty minutes. This is done to improve forwarding secrecy, and will not hinder the overall user experience. Additionally, if a user’s ISP were to block OpenVPN connectivity, he or she would still be able to use AirVPN through SSH, SSL, or Tor. This is an excellent addition that will allow virtually anyone in the world to use their services without issues.

But there is more, as AirVPN lets users use any Internet protocol they want. For example, one can use video streaming services, FTP connectivity, or even BitTorrent connections. Not all companies offer unrestricted protocol support, but AirVPN is one of the few that do. They even offer port forward and DDNS services to ensure that file-sharing protocols work without issues.

As one would expect from a VPN service provider, AirVPN has servers all over the world. The majority of hosts are located in Europe, but there are also different options for North America and Asia. One neat feature is how their Status page shows how much traffic is being consumed by all individual servers, and how many users are connected at any given time.

The plans offered by AirVPN are very affordable, ranging from 1 Euro for three days, all the way to 54 Euros for an entire year. Every plan includes all standard AirVPN features, which is quite nice. Moreover, the company accepts a broad range of payment options, including Bitcoin and various altcoins. Payments are processed by Coinbase and BitPay.

Reviews for AirVPN are not that difficult to come by, although one site mentions how most of these positive reports are tied to financial incentive. It is hard to determine if that is the case, but it is not unlikely. From what we can tell, the company offers a valuable service at affordable rates. But your mileage may vary, and doing your own research is always advised.

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