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There are many businesses in the world accepting Bitcoin payments for their services, and VPN providers stand to gain a lot from dealing with digital currency. TunnelBear has built up quite a reputation over the years, and they have been accepting Bitcoin payments for some time now.

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TunnelBear Provides VPN Privacy To Everyone

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One of the main reasons why people want to use a VPN provider is to ensure their browsing behavior is not being spied on by third parties. But there are other reasons for doing so as well, as it would allow users to bypass Internet restrictions enforced by governments, such as the Great Firewall of China.

Finding the right VPN provider for you is quite difficult, though, as there are different services who all offer a very similar service. TunnelBear stands out among the crowd, thanks to their good reputation, and free account that lets users consume 500mb of data every month. This is more than enough bandwidth when it comes to browsing the Internet or checking emails, which make up the majority of activity for everyday consumers.

Moreover, signing up for a TunnelBear account means users can enjoy the same level of privacy through their VPN connection across all devices. While most people would want to protect their computer browsing activity, Tunnelbear is also available for mobile users, and even as a stand-alone browser plugin. Such a wide variety of tools for one and the same price make this an excellent solution for users who take their privacy seriously.

The bread and butter of VPN providers is providing network access through various countries to users. Tunnelbear has a VPN network spanning twenty different countries, including the US, UK, Sweden, Brazil, and India. More importantly, all of the connections are guaranteed to be fast, and no user activity is logged when they are connected to any of these VPN servers.

As mentioned earlier, the company offers users a free plan which includes 500MB of data every month. This is more than enough for users to test the service, and see if they like it or not. Other plans include unlimited data, and can be paid either monthly – US$6.99/month – or yearly – US$49.99 per year.

A company such as TunnelBear would not be of great value to digital currency enthusiasts if they did not accept Bitcoin payments, but luckily, they do. Upgrading one’s account does require users to sign up for an account, after which they can make the payment through BitPay. However, it is important to note the account will not be upgraded immediately, even though the payment processor will confirm the transaction immediately. However, after a few minutes, the account is upgraded with delay, and users can enjoy the service to the fullest from there on out.

Note from the Author: My TunnelBear subscription has just been activated, and I will be thoroughly testing the service over the coming weeks.

Website: TunnelBear

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