Bitcoin Unlimited Announces Newest Bitcoin Research Grants are Now Available

Friday, Bitcoin Unlimited announced that it was making new funding available for bitcoin research.

The team at Bitcoin Unlimited said it had several hundred thousand dollars available to help fund work to restore Satoshi’s vision of making Bitcoin a global, peer-to-peer currency.  In the past, Bitcoin Core has shot criticism towards Bitcoin Unlimited, in part because Bitcoin Core has lobbied for implementation of top-of-the-line networks that stretch bitcoin’s functionality without altering the current blockchain set of rules.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Unlimited promotes the idea of an on-chain scaling that would make the number of transactions that can be settled directly on the blockchain rise, as well as bringing in additional consensus changes.

Bitcoin Unlimited is looking for ideas that include a longer-term scaling operation, “incremental scaling improvements”, outreach, and quality control, as well as empirical studies.

Bitcoin hasn’t been referred to in a positive light in any case, unless you’re talking to its users. For the most part, people are in the dark about bitcoin, still. If the general public were more educated on the subject of Bitcoin, as well as the Blockchain and  the technology behind it, it would see a stronger user base than it already has.

We’re not so far off these days; from the $100.00 bitcoin price we saw in the past. Currently sitting around $610.00 a piece, we are seeing a steady growth in price increase, which in turn generates more users. Some say Bitcoin is still destined to see $1000.00 prices again, while others say it’s only a matter of time before it crashes and burns once again.

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