Bitcoin Tips Are Being Integrated In New Streaming Platform

It is always good to see new companies build further on what other players before them have tried to establish. In the gaming world, Twitch is the number one platform for streamers and enthusiasts to hang out and meet. wants to take this concept one step further by integrating Bitcoin tips and other interesting features.

Taking On Twitch And Youtube Red

The brand new service – which is still in beta for now – wants to shake up the way we think about live streaming. For many people a live stream has to do with either technology or gaming, even though there are many other options to explore. Twitch even added an art category as well as a podcast area, both of which can be live streamed as well.

Although Twitch has some level of Bitcoin integration (for subscriptions, mostly) it does not accept anything other than payPal to tip content creators. This is rather odd, considering it wouldn’t take them anything extra to apply all subscription methods to tipping as well, especially when considering PayPal chargebacks are far too common and will affect streamers’ earnings.

This is where the new service comes into the picture, as the team wants to provide Bitcoin tips to streamers. Moreover, the platform will look well beyond game streaming, as they also want to focus on tutoring classes and even gambling. All of these areas are interesting options to explore when Bitcoin is involved because of its global appeal as a payment tool.

To put this into perspective, the team wants to create a streaming platform for general entertainment. People all over the world are consuming more and more content over the Internet, which creates new opportunities for creators to earn some money. Unfortunately, they are often hindered by traditional payment options which do not offer a global appeal.

Whether or not will offer the solution to those looking for it remains to be seen. It is an interesting concept for sure, and it may help boost global Bitcoin awareness. At the same time, it will take a lot more for people to switch from the platforms they know to a different offering that works with a currency they may have never used.

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