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Bitcoin Service Review – Bitcoin.Directory

Finding the right Bitcoin website to buy things online, download a new wallet, or learn more about the concept of digital currency, is not an easy task these days. wants to solve all of these problems, as the owner has created a comprehensive list of the major Bitcoin resources on the Internet.

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Bitcoin.Directory Offers A Bit of Everything

Directory websites are hardly ever known for their clean layout and easy navigation, but is changing all of that. Not only does the website look easy enough to navigate, and the information is so condensed into the proper categories, it makes the whole user experience pretty fun. Both novice and veteran Bitcoin users can appreciate what this platform is trying to achieve.

Among the categories to be found on this website are Bitcoin wallets, news sites, graphs and analysis, and much more. But there is also a good focus on where to buy Bitcoin and where it can be spent in a convenient manner. Moreover, there are various links to places where community members get together to discuss Bitcoin and blockchain events.

A lot of the platforms added to are well-known by more experienced community members, but there are some interesting links hardly anyone will have heard of. For example, Bitcoinity appears to be an attractive site for analysis and graphs, and SchiffGold is still accepting Bitcoin payments.

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Although it was difficult to list every single website on this platform, is slowly but surely turning into a very complete and comprehensive platform. All of the websites added manually, which prevents dummy and scam sites from being added. This makes it a bit harder to comb through every site related to Bitcoin, but it is well worth the effort.

This platform will also be a valuable resource in the future for consumers looking to spend Bitcoin. While the most prominent platforms are known far and wide, there is a whole travel industry accepting Bitcoin payments through various booking platforms most people don’t even know about. Moreover, the adult section is filling up nicely as well.


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