Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Xabo

Any investment platform promising significant profits should be avoided at all costs. This is particularly true for the Bitcoin sector, as cryptocurrency investments cannot be refunded or charged back through traditional means. Xabo offers up to 50% monthly returns on one’s investments, which seems highly unlikely.

Xabo Offers A Lot of Money Without Clear Business Plan

Similar to most other Bitcoin investment opportunities, Xabo promises rather high returns. There is no single way to guarantee monthly returns of up to 50% these days, not even in the cryptocurrency world. The company claims to be active in worldwide shipping, which remains a lucrative business to this very date.

That being said, Xabo will pay out its investors on a daily basis, and caps the returns at 150% for an unknown reason. Most legitimate businesses will allow investors to earn unlimited returns, but they will never guarantee fixed amounts every month or quarter. Moreover, how can Xabo even collect payments every day to issue returns to investors?

Right now, Xabo offers up to 5% daily profit, which adds up to 150% per month. This does not stroke with the company’s earlier mentioned 50% monthly returns. Such a rate is not sustainable, particularly not in the world of shipping or Bitcoin. That is unless one runs a Ponzi scheme, which is clearly what Xabo is all about.

As one would come to expect from Bitcoin Ponzi schemes, the daily returns will depend on how much money is invested in the first place. Investing more money will yield higher daily returns, and the company claims users can withdraw funds instantly. All deposits will remain active until they reach the 150% return mark. There is also an affiliate program rewarding users with 7% for first tier referrals.

Although the company has an official address listed on the website, it is doubtful this has anything to do with Xabo, to begin with. This is not entirely surprising either, as Bitcoin scams usually rip off existing company addresses, or just use bogus locations to trick people into investing.

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