Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Sky-BTC

It has been a while since a popular Bitcoin doubler has come along, but Sky-BTC seems to fit the bill perfectly. As is the case with any of these scamming services, they claim to increase investors’ Bitcoin holdings without them having to do anything. This type of cryptocurrency doubler will eventually run off with your money, and no one should invest in them.

Sky-BTC Needs To Be Avoided

Looking at the Sky-BTC website, it is evident that the people running this program have no intention of putting a lot of effort into it. The design is boring and bland, and will not instill any confidence in potential investors. In fact, a three-year-old could put together a more appealing website than what Sky-BTC has to offer right now.

But even if it had a professional design, no one should be fooled by Bitcoin doubler schemes to begin with. No one will double your coins in a few days just out of the goodness of his heart. As long as people keep investing after you make a deposit, there is a chance of getting money back. But even if that happens, most of these doubles simply stop paying out before returning half of the original investment.

The way things stand right now, no one has put any money into Sky-BTC since December 20th. That is a good sign, as it shows that people are using common sense. For those who have made a deposit before this date, however, they have zero chances of getting their funds back.

Sky-BTC claims to double Bitcoin deposits within the span of 38 hours. The last investment made on December 20th, though, still has over 35 hours left on earning double the amount. This does not add up by any means and goes to show that this service needs to be avoided at all costs.

It is evident that Sky-BTC is a scam website, as one of the deposits made on December 19th, has over 47 hours left on its payout timer. When the coding of this script is so bad that the time remaining surpasses the initial investment period promise, you know you’re in trouble. Rest assured none of these investments will be returned, let alone end in profit.

If anyone needs more evidence of Sky-BTC being a scam, just look at their alleged payouts. The last payout occurred over a week ago, which indicates that funds have dried up rather quickly. Avoid Bitcoin doublers at any cost, as there is absolutely no reason to believe that money will be returned to you.

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