Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Lensen Group

Slightly more professional investment website designs may trick people into believing these platforms are legitimate. Unfortunately, that is far from the case, and Lensen Group Limited is a company people should stay away from. The company offers multiple investment programs, which can be paid for with Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney, and Advcash. However, any company claiming to offer fixed daily rewards is a Ponzi Scheme and should be avoided.

Lensen Group Runs A Pyramid Scheme

On first glance, the website belonging to Lensen Group Limited seems quite professional. Their background story makes a lot of sense as well, as they claim to support IT startups. All of the money invested in their programs will be used to help IT startups grow, and any earnings from doing so will be paid back to investors. On paper, this makes a lot of sense, but the business model powering this initiative is anything but legitimate.

Looking at the investment plans on the website, it becomes clear there is no way Lensen Group is doing what they claim. It is impossible to offer fixed daily, weekly, or 10-day investment returns. IT startups can take a lot of money rather quickly, but these numbers are impossible to maintain in the long run. The one exception would be their “105% after 10” plan, as it only returns a 5% profit. Then again, if someone invested US$10,0000, they would receive a US$500 profit.

The daily plan offers users 4.5% returns daily for a total of 30 days. This results in a 135% return after one month, which is impossible. The 25% weekly for six weeks plan is not much better, though, as it provides a 150% return in a month and a half. There is nothing preventing someone from using the 4.5% daily scheme twice in a row, as that would result in bigger profits.

Lensen Group also claims a total of over US$1.2m has been invested in their program so far. For some reason, they do not disclose the amount of money that has been withdrawn. Their number of members – 16837 – seems utterly bogus as well, though. Plus, investors have to keep in mind all withdrawals will be processed manually, making it far less appealing than people may want to believe at first glance.

The website lists a company number for Lensen Group, which indicates the form was completed on October 4th, 2016. The domain name has been registered on September 26, which means they got a domain just over a week before ensuring their company was registered in the United Kingdom. A rather unusual turn of events, to say the least, and another indicator of how this program should not be trusted by any means.

It is evident the number of digital payment pyramid schemes continues to increase as time progresses. Any investment company accepting Bitcoin as one of the payment methods will turn into a scam sooner or later. It takes a lot of work and money to set up a  legitimate investment company, and Lensen Group certainly does not fit into that category.

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