Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – HashPoke

Any company claiming to be involved in cryptocurrency cloud mining should be looked at closer. It is not easy to set up such a business venture, and most of the cloud mining operators are a pure scam. HashPoke seems to be no different in this regard, as their business model will not be sustainable for the long run.

HashPoke Will Take Your Money

Looking at the HashPoke website, it is rather evident this company will not be around for much longer. Any cloud mining provider offering free mining to new users will eventually turn into a scam. Legitimate businesses are not keen on handing out free hashpower on an unlimited basis for new users. HashPoke can keep this offer going because they have no cloud mining hardware in the first place.

Company figures are not adding up either, as they claim over 13,000 Bitcoin has been paid out to customers. Moreover, they also claim to have nearly 128,000 users, and 23.6GH/s of mining power in total. Very bold claims that are not backed up by any proof of owning hardware to perform these mining activities.

HashPoke also claims to have three data centers all over the world, but rest assured this information is utterly false. The cloud mining company is allegedly located in Belgium, yet has no hardware in that country. Nor do they have an office at the address listed on the website, unless it’s a part of the local Office Center. Then again, not the most professional way to run a cryptocurrency cloud mining business.

HashPoke claims to mine a lot of different cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin. Their focus lies on mining Litecoin, Ethereum – although they call it Ethernum – and other altcoins. That said, the company’s price plans offer a guaranteed return of the original investment after a specific number of days. Given the market volatility, that is impossible to achieve, and another sign of why this service is a scam.

Speaking of the company’s plans, prices range from US$0.41 per KH to US$0.48 per KH. More expensive plans have a much shorter ROI, which is impossible to guarantee at any given time. That is unless a lot of people continue to invest in this Ponzi Scheme, as that would allow the people behind this “company” to continue their payouts. Right now, the most expensive plan has an ROI of only 126 days.

HashPoke claims to be around for nearly one full year, yet the domain was only registered in June of 2016. It is evident none of the statistic son the site add up, which makes the rest of the offering completely irrelevant. Do not invest in this company, as you have a significant chance to lose your money in a heartbeat.

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