Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – BitBerg

It appears as if there are even more bitcoin scan sites appearing now than ever before. BitBerg is one of those obvious scams every cryptocurrency enthusiast needs to avoid at all costs. The company claims to multiple bitcoin investments, yet everyone knows they can only do so as long as more funds keep coming in. Rest assured the money will dry up very quickly, resulting in users suffering from major losses in the long run.

BitBerg Will Not Double Your Bitcoins

Over the past few years, there have been numerous platforms claiming to double investors’ bitcoin without them doing anything in return. None of these platforms are even remotely legitimate, and very few people successfully make money from investing in these programs. In fact, most doubler operators will run off with investor funds relatively quickly, for obvious reasons.

There is no reason to believe BitBerg will be any different either. As can be seen from the website, there is next to no explanation of how the platform expects to double your money. In fact, they claim to make use of bitcoin double-spending opportunities, although that is a ludicrous statement at best. While it is true double-spend attacks against bitcoin are not impossible to pull off, there is no reason to believe anyone can do so continuously all day long either.

BitBerg refers to their investment program as a way to take advantage of the team’s hard work and expertise in the world of cryptocurrency. To be more precise, Bitberg is fairly confident they have found an imperceptible flaw that will allow them to complete double-spends with relative easy. This claim seems highly implausible at best, and should not be considered to be legitimate by any means.

Even if there was some truth to this claim, the bigger question is why BitBerg would conduct double-spends on behalf of investors. After all, the company would earn millions of US Dollars every day by just double spending their own transactions. Conducting additional double spends on behalf of investors will only draw more attention to the exploit being used to double bitcoin balances in the first place.

What is even more troubling is how the BitBerg website doesn’t even run an automated script that shows the latest deposits and payouts. It appears the developers of this website could not be bothered to do so, which highlights the lack of professionalism. All they did is list a bitcoin address on the website and the time it takes for users to get their money back. Speaking of which, all bitcoin investors will get their investment back times 100, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Looking at the Whois information for BitBerg, it is evident there are some fishing details to be found. The domain is registered to Pierre Mouele, who apparently lives in the UK. However, he chose to register BitBerg under a Belgian domain extension.  That is a very strange turn of events, yet it only highlights BitBerg is anything but a legitimate service. Avoid this platform at all costs if you want to keep your bitcoin safe and secure.

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