Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Angel Wealth

Bitcoin scam sites are trying to be more clever than the average user these days. Accepting other payment methods, as well as Bitcoin, is one way to avoid suspicion. But in the end, we will track them all down, and Angel Wealth is no exception to this rule. Impossible daily returns and high referral commissions are a dead giveaway.

Angel Wealth Is A Clear Scam Site

The design of Angel Wealth may look very familiar to some people, as these types of HYIP templates are easy to come by. Moreover, the way the site is laid out is not a sign of professionalism either. It is rather easy to find at last a dozen copycat sites, just like this one. But that is not the only problem with this platform.

While it is commendable Angel Wealth shows the investment options before registering an account; their daily offered returns are impossible to achieve. Even the lowest investment platform promises a 5% daily return, resulting in 150% return after thirty days. The more expensive plan guarantees 5.5% daily.

But there is more, as the affiliate program will pay users 10% of user deposits from the first level of referrals. Level two referrals will still net you 3% of their deposits, and tier-three affiliates will yield 1% bonuses. This pyramid strategy is not exceptionally lucrative, but no company can offer to pay users US$2000 on a US$20k deposit just because they brought them on board.

Among the payment methods accepted are Bitcoin, Perfect money, Payeer, and Advcash. The company has been “running” for eight days now and claims to have processed over US$14k in deposits. Once again, these numbers are not extraordinarily high, but they should always be taken with a pack of salt.

Albeit there is some company information on the website – including a company number – this information can belong to anyone in the world. According to the database, Angel Wealth Limited was incorporated on June 14, 2016. The company is also registered as a private limited company. Lucas Shah is the Director of this company. Take that for what you will, but chances are, you will lose money in the long run.

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