Bitcoin Scam Site Alert – HashBX

For those bitcoin users who have ever wanted to purchase “the powers” of cloud mining, HashBX might be the company for you. That is, assuming you don’t mind taking a significant risk with the potential for losing all of your money shortly. This is yet another cloud mining company with zero evidence of them owning any hashpower whatsoever.

HashBX Will Not Be Your Next Investment

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reasons as to why people should not invest in the first Bitcoin cloud mining company they come across. Doing your own research, and following our simple guide, are a great place to start. As long as these companies keep popping out of the woodworks, we will continue to expose them.

Take a look at HashBX, for example, which may have one of the most annoying homepages you will come across. There is an embedded video on autoplay on the front page, and no controls to mute the sound or pause the playback. It will force people away from the site in the first few seconds, which may not be an unfavorable outcome, all things considered.

Unlike some of the other companies we have received, HashBX does not make its pricing plans public. Users need to sign up for an account before they even know what the company has to offer. This is a rather frustrating approach and anything but professional. Looking at their ‘miners page’ will not help matters either, as it is doubtful any of these devices or entities belong to the company. Just look at the mining pool statistics here, and you will see there is no HashBX mention whatsoever.

As one would come to expect, there is an affiliate program in place. However, there is no way to access that information without creating an account either. It almost seems as if HashBX does not want users to sign up. But at the same time, they want to take your money. Difficult decisions have to be made for sure.

Looking over the WHOIS records, the HashBX website belongs to John Smit, living in Singapore. There is no company registration number and a Hotmail email account attached to this record. The website was last updated two days ago, which seems to correlate with when this service was launched. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this platform.

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