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One of the more common scams on the Internet – which is not just native to Bitcoin – is the “get paid to” scheme [also known as GPT]. The main purpose of these platforms is to have users sign up for an account, and complete either free or paid offers. In exchange for doing so, the users will be awarded account credit, which can then be converted to gift cards, PayPal funds, or in some case, to Bitcoin payouts. That is assuming, people will ever see their money.

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Bitcoin In The GPT Schemes of The World

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Everybody’s time is valuable, and everyone wants to maximize the earnings for their time whenever they can. While it is certainly nice to relax now and then, it would be even better if we were to get paid for it. Although a lot of people would think that to be impossible, there are plenty of websites claiming to do exactly that.

Unfortunately, that is as far as most people will get, as hardly any of these GPT sites will ever pay out accumulated balances. There are some legitimate offerings in the world, but most of those will require users to complete a paid offer – which needs to be canceled as soon as possible to avoid recurring credit card charges – or referring a handful of people.

Moreover, users need to keep in mind these sites will only offer a fraction of the value they earn from people completing the offers. Most of these GPT sites are filled with affiliate links to membership trials, in the hopes of getting people to sign up for the service and earn a commission for doing so. As a site owner, this can be quite the lucrative business when the cards are being played right.

It should come as no surprise to find out this concept has found its way to the Bitcoin ecosystem in recent times. The principle remains the same, but users can now opt to be paid out in Bitcoin, rather than gift cards or Paypal. Sound very attractive on paper, but getting your funds out is still as hard as it has always been.

As mentioned before, there are some legitimate sites out there who will pay out users exactly as advertised. Prizesumo seems to be one of those companies, based on their Bitcointalk thread. However, as was to be expected, the earnings are relatively small. This particular site is open to international members, though, which is a nice change of pace from the “US only” types of GPT websites.

In the end, using GPT sites will be nothing more than an enormous waste of time for most people. Even the so-called Conga websites are a better choice, although they will force users to refer friends or family to sign up as well. But the majority of those sites have a proven track record of honoring the user agreement, as long as people do not cheat the system.

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