Augur’s Tony Sakich Talks Blockchain Technology At Oakland University Later Today

Explaining the magic of blockchain technology to the masses is never an easy task. Very few people recognize the potential being offered through this innovative form of technology, and despite its potential to revolutionize the financial sector, the implications of block chain technology are far more capable than just that. Augur’s Tony Sakich will be talking about the blockchain at the Michigan Bitcoiners Meetup at Oakland University later today.

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Talking Augur and Blockchain Technology At OUTheMerkle_Augur

Bringing industry experts to share their vision of blockchain technology to a prominent location like Oakland University will help spread the word on this innovative technology. The concept of Bitcoin and the blockchain is a great mystery to most people, but once they can see what the technology is capable of, the story becomes much clearer.

Tony Sakich, the Director of Marketing for Augur and former Oakland University graduate, will be speaking on various topics related to digital currency. Not only will there be a discussion on blockchain technology, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, Augur, and other topics will be touched upon as well.

It is always positive to see these types of Meetups take place at universities, as these are the most ideal places to attract more community members. Young people, as well as people with a passion for IT and technology, are the prime “demographic” for blockchain technology and digital currencies.  

As Tony Sakich will be representing Augur during this two-hour presentation, he will be able to share his invaluable insights regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. After all, Augur raised over US$5m during their crowdsale, marking it as one of the top 25 crowdfunding campaigns in history.

But that is not all, as Tony Sakich has built up quite the reputation while working for other companies in the Bitcoin space. BitPay, for example, has become a household name in the Bitcoin payment processing world, and Tony has worked with them in the past. In addition, Tony has been privileged to work with other large organizations on various blockchain technology-related projects.

As a Marketing Consultant, such a resumé is invaluable. With names such as PayPal, Twitch, Sacramento Kings, ESPN, and Zynga on the list of companies Tony has worked with, he is in a prime position to share his knowledge of the blockchain technology landscape to this very date. For those in attendance at Oakland University, it will be well worth your time to attend this Bitcoin Meetup from 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM.

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