Bitcoin mining service HashingSpace releases new features

Finding the perfect online miner can turn out to be a difficult experience considering the fact that there are literally hundreds of providers advertising their services. We’ve covered the Bitcoin miner hosting firm HashingSpace before, and they’ve just launched a new service, meant to allow users to earn even more by mining.

The new service has been named HashPool and is GEO-IP load balanced, but also offers Stratum and P2P mining pools. The combination of the services allows for higher pay-outs, when compared to some of the other leading pools, while also offering a user friendly and functional system. To make sure that the service is good enough, HashPool has reportedly undergone extensive testing and has taken some of the features that other top miners have and improved upon all of them.

To put things into perspective, some of the robust set of features that HashPool has include GEO-IP load balance for high efficiency, one node URL, public P2Pool, public STRATUM pool meant for large mining operators, iOS and Android apps ready to use, analytics, comprehensive hashing reports, higher pay-outs, DDOS protection and more.

Leaving aside bitcoin mining, the CEO of the company has just announced that the corporation will provide many other services including Hash ATM, Hash Ticker, Hash Hosting, Hash Mining, Cloud Hash and many more. Ranging from affordable hosting to bitcoin mining farms, Timothy Roberts’ firm definitely has lots of services, which will grant it more popularity in the upcoming months.

Have you used HashingSpace’s services so far? If yes, what’s your opinion about them? To us, they look pretty promising at this moment in time.

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