Popular Digital Currency Bitcoin Is Nowhere Close To Dying Just Yet

If there was any doubt left in people’s mind, it is safe to say Bitcoin is far from dead. Even though the digital currency has made the obituaries more times than people can count these days, the demise of Bitcoin has been greatly exaggerated every time. Mainstream media outlets still refer to digital currency as a failing system, while fiat economies and crumbling and oil becomes all but worthless. While Bitcoin started the recovery process, there is no improvement in sight for traditional finance.

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Digital Currency Is Alive And Kicking

TheMerkle_Digital Currency  Bitcoin Is Alive

Unlike what mainstream media wants people to believe – most of these outlets are sponsored by banks and consorts anyway – Bitcoin is far from dead. Yes, the digital currency faced a major obstacle when Mike Hearn vented his frustration on Medium and switched camps to join R3. But at the same time, Bitcoin community members have seen the flaws exposed by Hearn, and now is the time to let their voice be heard.

Make sure to let anyone who wants to hear it know that Bitcoin is still alive, and kicking back in full force. Stopping the march of digital currency into mainstream society can be slowed down, but the machine is still working hard to push progress to new levels. Even the Bitcoin price seems to be stabilizing itself at an acceptable value for the time being.

This is one of the main differences between Bitcoin and traditional finance, as there is no such thing as a financial bailout from governments in the world of digital currency. It is up to every individual member ad Bitcoin investor to decide on their own if they want to carry on with digital currency, or cash out and potentially not be part of one of the greatest disruptions in the financial world.

While Mike Hearn raised a valid point when talking about Bitcoin in the sense of this not being an investment vehicle, many speculators are chomping at the bit to scalp profits on Bitcoin price swings. There is never a guarantee for a price change – either upwards or downwards – making it far less appealing to speculators than most people assume.

Keeping in mind how everyone is replaceable in the Bitcoin world, the void left by Mike Hearn’s departure will be filled rather quickly. Another voice of reason will stand up and make their presence known to the Bitcoin community and developers. Perhaps you will be the next person to fill that role, or maybe you know someone who fits the profile.

In the end, it all comes down to the community effort. Granted, not all of us can code, or come up with technical concepts. But that doesn’t mean individual efforts are worth less or more than others. Every Bitcoin user matters to the world, and the time for staying quiet is over. If we want this digital currency to be taken seriously, a joint effort will be needed, rather than putting all of the responsibility in the hands of a few developers.

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