Bitcoin is Now Accepted For DragonBox Pyra Pre-orders

It is always good to see new merchants accepting Bitcoin payments, as it goes to show businesses want to attract an international clientele. DragonBox, a ship based in Germany, recently started accepting Bitcoin payments for their Pyra computer. A neat little device, which packs quite the punch.

DragonBox Pyra For Bitcoin

TheMerkle_Spend Bitcoin Dragonbox Pyra

It has to be said; the DragonBox Pyra is quite an interesting little device. Not only will this attract a lot of attention from gadget and gaming enthusiasts, but they also make excellent gifts for that special person in one’s life. Moreover, the entire project is open source, which lets users make their modifications to the system as they see fit.

There are several editions of the DragonBox Pyra available, ranging from a standard edition to the mobile version – for both EU and US customers – as well as some accommodating collectibles. Prices for the devices range from US$377.75 to US$457.88, depending on how much ram the user needs for their system. Do keep in mind these are just the down payments and not the full price for the units.

Retro gamers will enjoy most of the things DragonBox has to offer, as they focus mostly on consoles and retro gaming gear. All in all, this is a very nice collection for the geek in most of us, although pricing may be a bit on the expensive side of certain products. Then again, everything is custom made, which warrants a higher cost than regular items.

It is rather interesting to see such a retro-oriented gaming company accept Bitcoin payments, which is a novelty in the technology world. Although the website and FAQ do not openly state Bitcoin is accepted right now, there is a Bitcoin option during the checkout process.

Despite this news attracting a lot of attention on Reddit, the community seems to be divided a bit regarding the DragonBox Pyra itself. Some people appreciate the form factor and end goal, yet most people have an issue with the price point. It is always cheaper to build a similar device yourself, assuming one can get the parts rather inexpensive. But for the person looking for a plug-and-play solution, this one seems to be well worth keeping an eye on.

Source: Reddit

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