Bitcoin Infographic Shows The Evolution And Future Of The Currency

Due to its volatile state, Bitcoin has the tendency to change quite often as indicated by all of the analysis that has been carried out so far. However, there are also other aspects about the cryptocurrency that have to be discussed in order to grant people a better perspective about its future.

Today, we get the chance to take a look at an exciting Bitcoin infographic that was sent over by Bitpay, which also happens to be one of the world’s best Bitcoin payment processors. With this in mind, leaving apart the value of the currency which both increased, but significantly decreased as well, it seems like one of the most intriguing fact refers to the simple idea that the trading volume of the cryptocurrency changed from $15 billion in 2013, to the whopping sum of $23 billion in 2014, which means that it has experienced a total increase of 57%.largest-bitcoin-exchange-suspends-withdrawals

Additionally, another exciting fact which is worth pointing out is that the amount of active wallets has also increased up until 7.95 million, which means that regardless of its short fall in value, the currency is now more famous than it has ever been.

The infographic provided by the folks at Bitpay also indicates that top 5 countries where Bitcoin is most popular. With this factor in mind, it seems like the U.S.A. remains on the top position, with most Bitcoin users established over there, but it is closely followed by Great Britain which has a similar amount of users to Canada. The top 4 country where Bitcoin has become incredibly popular is Germany, followed by the Netherlands.

However, the year of 2015 is bound to bring in quite a large number of surprises, mostly thanks to China becoming involved in the market where there are tons of Bitcoin farms which produce thousands of coins on a daily basis. Additionally, we will also see a good increase in the amount of wallets, as people from all around the world continue to try out the cryptocurrency. In the fortunate case that the value for Bitcoin rises, then chances are that the trading volume will also face a great increase from the sum of $23 billion USD back in 2014 up to $30 billion or more in 2015, as analysts are currently speculating.

The year of 2015 will not only make Bitcoin more popular for individuals, but it will also most probably bring a large increase in the amount of corporations and companies accepting it as a form of payment, which is great news for just about anyone who has tried the currency out, as the world continues to evolve and take up the coin as an universal currency. Additionally, chances are that the stress that that the currency finds itself under at this moment in time, will also be resolved, thus making it even more popular.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the year of 2015 is definitely full of surprises. As the Bitcoin infographic has shown a great increase from 2013 to 2014, an even greater one will probably be seen during this year, with more and more people making the decision of joining the Bitcoin market.

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