Bitcoin Hits A Home Run As Nebraska Receives Its First BTM


America is undergoing a transformation. One that will see it become Bitcoin friendly amid governmental regulations and what not being applied to the digital currency. Recently unveiled by Zenbox a Californian based company the decision to install a BTM in the heart of America surprised and pleased many. Set up and running the BTM provided BTC services to the residents of Nebraska.

BTM’s have become a staple in the network, servicing hundreds of customers internationally who may not have had previous experience with dealing Bitcoin. Dotted throughout the world BTM’s have become a commone site in nearly every country in Europe. From Amsterdam to the Netherlands the countries have seen a huge rise in the number of BTM’s. With Australia and Canada also adopting Bitcoin, the decision to include one in Nebraska has seen positive reception.

“There’s kind of a start-up to it. The typical bitcoin user is generally an affluent male with tech experience, so Aksarben Village is right up our alley as far as what we’re looking for in terms of a potential.” says Edward Wenigar of Alpha Bitcoin, the company responsible for bringing the BTM to Omaha.

Problems with the service have already been pointed out by many Bitcoin enthusiasts. Initially the 5% fee was seen as one of the biggest hindrances. The fee one of the biggest seen among other BTM’s and particularly online exchanges. The exchange however boasts functionality as Jones Bros explained below.

“I think digital pay, period, whether it’s Bitcoin or something else, is the future of the industry. I rarely carry cash anymore, but I always have my phone,” Jones said. “I shouldn’t even say it’s the future because it’s starting to happen right now. We want to be a part of that, and we feel this is kind of our way to … level the footing with some of these larger corporations.”

Bitcoin for the future and with technology on the bleeding edge, it may only be a matter of time till it heads to the ‘moon’. BTM’s have taken countries by storm with Australia having installed over 100 machines throughout the country. Amsterdam has also seen plenty of BTM’s in the country and with America the next target, Bitcoin may be moving to the biggest pasture on earth. With the country home to the biggest industries on earth who knows where this one BTM’s may lead…

Before i forget a cordial invitation has been handed out by Jones Bros for a informal Launch Party on January the 16th from 5- 8 PM. Freebies included with food provided courtsey of Jones Bros although it may be limited to cupcakes and drinks.

With the success of the BTM in Nebraska other states are also following suit with Los Angeles speculated to be hit by the phenomenon. The picture below was posted on the Reddit forums sparking a frenzy of speculation from many users with it reading how Bitcoin ATM’s will be installed in the state next year. Are Bitcoins the future or just over priced attempts to further capitalize on a million dollar market ?