Bitcoin-funded Pre-triage Coronavirus Medical Center in Italy is now Fully Operational

A little while ago, there was a buzz on social media regarding a Bitcoin donation page for coronavirus supplies in Italy. The pre-triage tent waiting to be funded is now officially operational near Rome.

Cryptocurrencies can always make a world of difference around the globe.

Bitcoin Aids Coronavirus Victims in Italy

More often than not, they are ignored completely, for no apparent reason.

In Italy, things have been done a bit differently due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Red Cross put up a donation campaign for a portable pre-triage medical post.

One of the methods of payment included Bitcoin, which immediately yielded a lot of attention.

After successfully funding the campaign, the pre-triage tent for coronavirus cases is now fully operational.

It is located near Rome and is run jointly by the Italian Red Cross.

It is the first time Bitcoin plays such a prominent role during the coronavirus crisis.

One can only hope that more charities look toward Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

For the Bitcoin community, this news is also very positive as a whole.

It brings some positive attention to an industry that is often criticized and scrutinized for no apparent reason. 

As this example clearly illustrates, the modern form of money should not be ignored by any means.