Bitcoin Exchange Safello Offers Company Shares In Return For Crowdfunding Support

When it comes to Bitcoin exchanges, 2015 has been far from positive up until this point. Both January and February were months in which major Bitcoin exchange platforms have been hacked, and funds have been stolen. More recently, Coinapult got hacked and lost 150 Bitcoins. But Sweden-based Bitcoin exchange Safello is bringing some positive news to the table, which is more than welcome at this point in time.

FundedByMe – Crowdfunding Platform Launches Bitcoin Pilot

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become a new trend in the world of business and finance. Instead of relying on one or two major investors to get your company or concept off the ground, you can ask any everyday person to back your project. As a result, we have seen many successful platforms emerge, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon.

FundedByMe is a Swedish crowdfunding platform, which has seen great success ever since its inception in March of 2011. Unlike its US-centered counterparts in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, FundedByMe wanted to provide a crowdfunding platform for European entrepreneurs and everyday investors. In order to do so, the company offers reward-based, loan-based and equity crowdfunding to its users.

By offering a wide variety of crowdfunding options, FundedByMe sets itself apart from the more traditional models while still catering to the crowd of “reward seekers”.  In exchange for a successful campaign on FundedByMe, the company charges a 6% fee on the total amount of funds raised for reward-based campaigns. Equity campaigns are subject to a  500 EUR fee + 8% of the amount raised; whereas loan-based campaigns are subject to a 4% fee on the total amount plus a 1% administrative fee on repayments.

Now that FundedByMe also allows digital currency holders to participate in these crowdfunding campaigns, the company is hoping to expand its business portfolio and customer base on a much bigger scale. It has to be said however that this is just a pilot test, and Bitcoin pledges can only be made towards one of the platform’s crowdfunding campaigns.

Safello – Swedish Bitcoin Exchange Looking to Raise 472k EUR

Safello’s campaign is the very first of its kind to be held on a major crowdfunding platform. Over the course of the 45-day campaign, Safello hopes to raise 472,634 EUR in order to take their business to the next level. Most of the funds will be used to expand the Safello team and offering outside of Sweden to provide an even better service to European customers.

In order to attract more customers to the Safello Bitcoin exchange, a portion of the raised funds will be used to add more payment methods and bank connections to this platform. If everything goes according to plan, Safello will establish a leading position in Europe as a stepping stone towards global expansion.

But that is not all, as you will also get something in return for investing in Safello. No less than 5.19% of the company’s shares are offered in this crowdfunding campaign, which each share valued at 154.30 EUR. When we take a look at the actual share valuation, we see a price of 9,092,842 EUR, which leaves much room to make a profit, besides investing in an upcoming Swedish company of course.

The minimum investment for Safello’s FundedByMe campaign is 1,080.13 EUR, which will reward you with 7 company shares (~0.0119% of the company).

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