Bitcoin Exchange Independent Reserve CEO Adam Tepper Killed In Accident

Bitcoin exchanges have been under a lot of scrutiny over the past year or so, especially because so many of them seem to be vulnerable to various types of security flaws. However, sometimes a Bitcoin exchange can be hit by personal news pretty badly. It is with deep regret that we at BTCFeed report the passing of Adam Tepper, CEO of Australian Bitcoin exchange Independent Reserve.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Adam Tepper was a 34-year old Bitcoin enthusiasts living in melbourne Australia. Because of his passion for Bitcoin – not just as a currency, but also the technology and how it can empower each and every one of us – he started his own Bitcoin exchange called Independent Reserve. The name is aptly chosen, as Bitcoin is independent from [part of] the current financial ecosystem.

Suffering from an accident while spending some vacation time in Thailand, Mr. Tepper apparently lost control over his motorcycle yesterday evening. According to a report from the Phuket Gazette, the body of Adam Tepper was found 30 metres away from his motorcycle, with which he had hit a parked trailer in the city centre.

Local authorities have confirmed that Adam Tepper died immediately following the crash. Furthermore, Mr. Tepper’s mother Dianna told us that her son was not wearing a helmet during the time of the accident. Police reports also indicate that Adam Tepper hit his head against the traffic sign, with his instant death being an unavoidable consequence.

“Mr Tepper was not wearing a helmet and struck his head on the sign — he died instantly. I believe he was moving very fast at the time of the crash, as part of the sign pole was buried a metre underground, and it was pulled out by the impact,” Captain Thada Sodarak of the Chalong Police told BTCFeed.

Adam Tepper was a motorcycle enthusiasts for a long time, and a member of Phuket-based Ao Chalong Yacht Club, whose members wrote a tribute message on their website stating: “Long-standing and active ACYC member, Adam Tepper, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in the early hours of Friday 27th February. We will miss him both at the yacht club bar and out on the water.”

Independent Reserve

The Independent Reserve cryptocurrency exchange was originally founded in 2013, and its headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. Adam Tepper was a well-known cryptocurrency supporter, which is part of the reason why he decide to get Independent Reserve up and running in the first place – to share his passion for Bitcoin with other like-minded people.

Mr.Tepper’s family is currently receiving consular assistance from The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia. We at BTCFeed are saddened by the news, and wish to extend our prayers to the family and friends of Adam Tepper. He will never be forgotten by the Bitcoin community.

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