’s COO to advise smart-contract iGaming platform Truegame

The blockchain-based online game room for gambling and lotteries,, has recently bulked up its already impressive expertise, with the addition of COO Mate Tokay to its advisory board.

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Seeking to introduce groundbreaking smart contract technology via blockchain to usher in the next generation of iGaming concepts, Truegame has launched a crowd funding campaign in the shape of a token generation event, now ongoing until the public token sale on April 16th, 2018.

The best of the best is now advising Truegame

Already having some of the leading lights of the iGaming industry develop its platform, Truegame will now benefit from yet another blockchain brain, Mate Tokay, who is currently COO of world-renowned Bitcoin resource portal,

Through his work and association with one of the most recognized names in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Tokay is an active advocate for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, as he and his colleagues push for mainstream adoption with cryptocurrencies. A graduate of the International Business School in Budapest, Tokay’s involvement with Bitcoin began with an introduction to the cryptocurrency in 2012, after which he experimented with Bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using his own custom-built ASIC miners.

After founding major blockchain news and review portal Bitcoinist, Tokay has been working with and developing since 2015.

His ideologies on gambling, reflected to the games on’s gaming platform (, mirror those of Truegame, making the new partnership a logical one.

Tokay expressed high hopes for Truegame’s proposal to bring much-needed transparency to the online gambling industry through blockchain innovations, saying that:

“With their new blockchain tech, you can be sure that there is no cheating or manipulation whatsoever.”

Enhancing the credibility of online gambling

Truegame in its most basic form is an online lottery and gambling room based on the blockchain. It allows users to participate in lotteries secured by smart contract technology, with a fair and transparent opportunity to win valuable prizes and cash via instant ticket games, dice and others.

All its games are completely open source and based on smart contracts, ensuring the highest levels of transparency to its gamers, featuring an open registry that records every single gaming outcome, impervious to manipulation and alteration.

All gamers can now rest assured that winning conditions are entirely down to luck and mathematical probability, guaranteed by blockchain-based random outcomes. Even winnings are disbursed according to predetermined conditions automatically executed by smart contracts, ensuring that winners receive their just rewards for games of chance.

The Truegame token sale

Supporters are already recognizing the huge potential of such an innovation in iGaming, with the Truegame token sale already achieving its soft cap in five days and is headed towards a small hard cap of $9 million. Objective reviewers have judged Truegame to be the most promising project as well, with at least 59 experts having given it a top evaluation, averaging out to a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

With a Telegram community now approaching 10,000 members, Truegame’s vision of a new era of credible and transparent iGaming is about to be achieved.

To learn more about Truegame token sale, visit the crowd funding page here or visit the game platform itself. To connect with the developers and community members, visit the Telegram channel or view their thread on BitcoinTalk.