Bitcoin Cash’s Cashfusion Works as Intented, so far

The opinions on any development involved Bitcoin Cash will always be all over the place. Cashfusion, the upcoming privacy upgrade for BCH, has high expectations to live up to.

A recent comment by data analyst James Waugh only confirms the potency of Cashfusion.

The Future Looks Bright for CashFusion

James deems this option to be far more practical compared to traditional CoinJoin implementations.

This is part of the massive stress test that Cashfusion is being put through right now.

By actively looking at privacy-enabled transactions, one can often determine how well this solution works exactly.

So far, it seems as Bitcoin Cash is on the right track to give users more privacy options in the near future. 

Based on the research by James, it appears virtually impossible to crack Cashfusion in its current state.

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It is important to note that this new solution is an extension of Cashshuffle mixing.

That feature was introduced to Bitcoin Cash in 2019. 

For now, there is still plenty of testing to be done for reputable auditors.

Cashfusion is a crucial upgrade for Bitcoin Cash and will need to work as advertised right away. 

Bitcoin enthusiasts will remain divided over this topic for quite some time to come.

Many still harbor hostile feelings toward Bitcoin Cash in 2020.

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