Bitcoin Cash Becomes the New Shirt Sponsor of Ayr United FC

Cryptocurrencies continue to make inroads in many industries. Ayr United FC, a football club in the United Kingdom, recently announced a new sponsor deal. While this may not be out of the ordinary, the team will play with a “Bitcoin BCH” logo on their shirts for the upcoming season. That is a pretty interesting development that will bring more mainstream attention to Bitcoin Cash.

Ayr United and Bitcoin Cash

On paper, it sounds like a smart idea to bring more positive attention to cryptocurrencies through sports. This is especially true when it comes to some of the more popular sports like soccer, basketball, and so forth. So far, there have not been any major inroads in this regard, but that is coming to change fairly quickly.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Ayr United FC will promote Bitcoin Cash as its official shirt sponsor. More specifically, the team’s kits will feature a “Bitcoin BCH” logo, which will be visible starting next season. The new kits will be unveiled this week, and fans of the club can begin pre-ordering them accordingly. It is a rather intriguing turn of events,  although this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

That’s because Ayr United FC has had a lengthy shirt sponsorship deal with Bodog. For those well-versed in history, the name Bodog is synonymous with Calvin Ayre. Although Ayre has a bit of a checkered past, he has kept close ties with this football club for several years now. With Bodog’s shirt sponsorship coming to an end, a new partnership had to be found.

Unsurprisingly, it was Ayre himself who inked this new deal to feature “Bitcoin BCH” on the Ayr United shirts moving forward. Although the club itself faced a steep learning curve when it came to understanding cryptocurrency – and Bitcoin Cash in particular – they seem more than content with this new sponsorship. Bringing more positive attention to this particular industry is direly needed at this point.

Considering that Ayr United plays in the Ladbrokes League 1, and has its matches broadcast on BT Sport and Sky Sports, a lot of people will be introduced to Bitcoin Cash in the future. Whether or not this will prove to be a successful venture remains to be seen, though it is a smart option to explore by both the team and Calvin Ayre.

All things considered, this is a pretty big development for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Although opinions on Bitcoin Cash versus Bitcoin will not be calming down anytime soon, Bitcoin itself is not an existing shirt sponsor for a major sports team as of right now. It seems the forked version has a leg up over the world’s leading cryptocurrency in this regard.