Bitcoin Can Thrive in India Thanks to the Bitcoin India Alliance

More and more Bitcoin-related services are popping up all over the world in order to bring the power of digital currency to the people who would benefit from it the most. Mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is still far away, but with popular mobile Bitcoin wallets, that future is coming closer every day. Just a few days ago, Zebpay held a launch event, called “The Future of Money”.

Ahmedabad, India – Lots of Bitcoin Enthusiasts

It will come as no surprise to you that people living in the Western world are not the right target audience for Bitcoin’s core values. Most of us already have [easy] access to funds, bank accounts and credit cards, while there is a large portion of the world that remains unbanked. It is these people who will benefit most from what Bitcoin can do for them.shutterstock_220036885

Zebpay demonstrated that, as their launch event in India was attended by over 400 people. India is one of the world’s poorest nations, with a few areas that are an exception. For example, poverty rates in Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are far lower compared to areas such as Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

In order to create a more stable economy in India, Bitcoins could prove to be a great asset. In fact, one of India’s leading law firms – called Nishith Desai Associates – recently published their whitepaper on Indian Legal & Tax Considerations for Bitcoin. This just goes to show that there are many “higher up” people who feel that Bitcoin and digital currencies could be beneficial to their country.

Bitcoin India Alliance

All of India’s Bitcoin-related companies will be uniting under the banner of “Bitcoin India Alliance”. Their main objective will be to educate people on Bitcoin in order to raise awareness and adoption of this disruptive digital currency. Several Bitcoin experts will form an independent body to successfully complete this mission.shutterstock_128310842

But that is not all, as the Bitcoin India Alliance will represent the Bitcoin industry in India to the country’s government officials and other associations. In doing so, some of the more “grey area” details about Bitcoin in India can be cleared up, and the digital currency can start gaining a legitimate foothold in one of the countries where it could be most beneficial to the inhabitants.

Additional Zebpay Features

Last but not least, mobile Bitcoin wallet provider Zebpay announced some new features which will be released very soon. On top of that, the company will also focus on making Bitcoins more usable inside the client itself, instead of just offering a mobile platform to easily buy and sell Bitcoin.

Bitcoin usage in India could use a boost, and Zebpay will aim to achieve that goal by offering Amazon India and Flipkart vouchers at a 10% discount to their users. Furthermore, a business directory including India’s first merchants to accept Bitcoin payments will be made available in one of the future wallet updates.

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