Website Needs Improvements To Address The Scam Accusation

Many people around the world use Bitcoin as a way to obtain [discounted] gift cards for services or product they can’t by with cryptocurrency. Platforms such as Gyft and eGifter have become very popular in recent years. But now and then, a new site will pop up offering a similar service. That does not mean that service is legitimate, and is not getting positive reviews so far. – Scam Or Bad Coding?

On the surface, everything appears to be in order with the Bitcards websites. Users have a decent selection of gift cards at their disposal, and payments in Bitcoin are processed by Coinbase. This choice of payment processor may seem a bit odd, considering how Coinbase has caused issues for other platforms – including the Humble Bundle – in the past.

Things start to go wrong when attempting to pay for an order, though. The Coinbase integration does not seem to work properly all the time, although that could be some bad coding causing issues. But that is not the biggest concern, as getting in touch with the team is virtually impossible.

Even though Bitcards has a contact us form on the site, the information will not be sent anywhere. While this may not be a dealbreaker at first glance, it will be a big problem if something were to go awry with the order. Contacting the team via email directly returns an error as well, which does not instil confidence by any means.

The checkout process itself has another caveat users need to take into account. Not providing a valid email address will result in users not getting the gift card code they requested. Since this is not specified anywhere, it took a bit of trial and error by users to find that out. Then again, there is no reason not to enter a valid email address either.

For now, all of those issues could be related to sloppy coding. The scam accusation against this site, however, is rather worrisome. Although this seems to be an isolated incident, for now, there are no other reviews to be found about this site. Either users are avoiding Bitcards like the plague, or they found a better alternative elsewhere.

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