BINEX.TRADE Announces UI Overhaul

BINEX.TRADE, a cryptocurrency exchange that shares the commissions it receives from trades with its token holders, just announced the release of a new UI (user interface) design.

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The Singapore based exchange said the interface was made to incorporate trading and knowledge in a way that appealed to both advanced traders and new users of BINEX.TRADE.

Two UI variants to appeal to all types of traders

There are two versions of the UI, called Basic and Advanced. Depending on which UI is selected, the trader will see a different set of features. The basic user interface will, of course, appeal to newer traders or those that trade casually, while the advanced interface looks to give every tool to the trader looking to maximize profits.

For example, casual traders will be more interested in spot trading, allowing for the immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency at market rates. Advanced traders will be more inclined to use limit orders, and exercise a little patience to take advantage of market volatility.

News sections to keep up to date on developing updates

The platform’s new section, for example, will capture the user’s attention, allowing the user to have interactive communication with the exchange through numerous social media platforms, which will help capture the market’s perception of cryptocurrencies being traded.

While many traders trade using charts and technical analysis, people’s perceptions of cryptocurrency itself may be more important. Cryptocurrency users still follow a herd mentality when it comes to trading.

All it takes is one Twitter post of good or bad news to send a market soaring or crashing. Having a news section connected to social media platforms while you trade will soon become an invaluable asset to the trader aware of their surroundings.

Trade view allows users to see everything at once

BINEX.TRADE’s new user interface cleanly shows all important trade information such as summary, market news and value, currency trending value, buy-sell history, order types, and balance and trades.

Having one location to see all vital trading information saves times for traders holding many positions across different pairs, or who simply want to glance at their account overall. Either way, increasing ease of use and saving time at the same time is always a good thing.

BEX’s TGE began almost 2 months ago, on March 9th. Currently, in its pre-registration phase, this is an excellent way for participants to receive BEX tokens, as all those that pre-register receive 5 BEX tokens.

Users are able to purchase BINEX.TRADE’s native BEX token with ETH, with 70% of trading commission delivered to tokens holders daily, based on the number of tokens each holder has in their possession.

A new user interface, especially one that caters to different types of traders and makes trading easier, will attract more traders to the platform as well as encourage existing users to trade more often. This means more trade orders, which translates to more volume and trade commission.

More trade commission may also make BEX token more valuable, which BINEX hopes will lead to a positive cycle of growth.

To get started trading, visit the website. To read the whitepaper, click here. The Telegram channel can be visited here. BINEX.TRADE has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, while blog posts and videos are posted on Medium and YouTube respectively.