Binance is the First Exchange to Give Cardano a Perpetual Swap Contract

It is crucial for any cryptocurrency exchange to keep evolving. For Binance, the world’s biggest crypto trading platform, launching new services is a good way to go.

Introducing more perpetual swaps will certainly generate a fair bit of interest. 

Cardano in a Perpetual Swap Contract

For now, the never-ending contracts are only provided for Cardano, or ADA.

Users can exchange Cardano with up to 75x the normal “impact”.

The perpetual swap contract for this alternative cryptocurrency is tied to Tether’s USDT.

It is the first time any cryptocurrency trading platform decides to provide such functionality for Cardano specifically. 

This now offering can be accessed through the Binance Futures trading platform.

It is not the first perpetual contract to make its way to this platform early.

Just over two weeks ago, XLM/USDT received a perpetual contract as well.

Prior to those, ten other offerings existed already.

It goes to show that Binance believes this is a business model worth dedicating more resources to.

While perpetual trading can prove very lucrative when done successfully, it can also lead to a degree of market manipulation.

It is up to Binance and other similar service providers to ensure that type of behavior cannot occur. 

It remains unclear if this will have any impact on Cardano as a market or project.