Binance Cloud Will Help Create More Competition Among Crypto Exchanges

Binance has grown out to be so much more than a crypto trading platform. The company now focuses its attention on cloud services to compete with existing giants.

This news is rather remarkable in many different ways. 

Another Interesting Move by Binance

Known as Binance Cloud, the new platform will serve as an infrastructure solution.

It will allow partners to launch digital asset exchanges which leverage Binance’s native technology, liquidity, and security.

This provides numerous advantages and will usher in a more competitive crypto trading ecosystem. 

It is evident that this is an exchange-specific concept first and foremost.

For interested parties, this option can remove a lot of fees associated with setting up an exchange.

Core features include bank API integration and P2P crypto exchange services.

Additional features will be added over time, depending on client demand.

This new move will bring cryptocurrencies to more people globally.

That remains one of the core problems this industry faces in 2020 and beyond. 

Finding a viable solution has proven very difficult, for obvious reasons.

Binance Cloud is a service the market has lacked for several years.

Although white-label exchange solutions exist, they are often only a part of the puzzle.

This new service offers everything one needs to be competitive from day one.