Beware of the Latest Binance Phishing Email

Cryptocurrency users are often targeted by criminals and scammers. Particularly emails can prove to be incredibly harmful in this regard.

It appears a fair few phishing emails are making the rounds once again.

Another Fake Binance Email Appears

One of them claims to come from Binance, even though it is clearly not.

Anyone who looks closely at the actual sender will notice this fairly quickly. 

In the email, fake Binance asks for “missing informations” that need to be provided.

Failure to do so will allegedly lead to one’ account being disabled.

To submit the information ,users need to click a button in the mail or visit the hyperlink at the bottom.

Both are masked well, but they clearly redirect to entirely different domains. 

While this phishing email is clearly fake, it will undoubtedly cause some problems.

Binance is the largest crypto trading platform in the world.

That also means it is home to a lot of novice users unfamiliar with potential scams.

As such, an email like this can have major success in some cases.

The best one can do is raise awareness and hope nothing goes wrong in the end.

Unfortunately, it would appear that criminals will continue to target this industry moving forward.

That is annoying, but there isn’t much one can do about it either.