Before 123SWAP, Cryptocurrency Was Tricky

The 123swap platform is a decentralized financial system that allows for smooth peer-to-peer crypto-asset switching. It grants simple, transparent, and convenient exchanges, as well as earning and investment management options. There is no need for an intermediary. The platform’s goal is to make things easier. At the same time, it is generating the least amount of slippage feasible, the cryptocurrency exchange mechanism. 

Exchanging bitcoins is now a time-consuming and complicated operation. This is due to various factors, including the fragmented nature of today’s bitcoin environment, which presents traders with numerous hurdles.

Furthermore, not every cryptocurrency exchange supports every coin. As a result, traders who want to convert their coin for one that isn’t supported on the present exchange may have to relocate their account or perform multiple conversions between intermediary coins to achieve their objectives. If a trader wishes to swap coins with another trader, there is also counterparty risk. There is a slew of other issues in the present crypto-assembly.

Complicated Interface & Tedious Registration Process

The authentication of their account. The profusion of indicators, graphs, ordering, and other features might easily overwhelm an unprepared user. The authentication process on some sites is somewhat lengthy. It can take dates, weeks, or even months for a new user to acquire information.

Lack of Accessibility

On the one hand, although most decentralized finance aggregators seek to hold just ERC20 or BSC tokens, multi-chain aggregators are custodial and not decentralized. As a result, investors have limited access to crypto-asset trading pairs.

Unsecured Wallets to Store Crypto Assets 

If investors lose or forget their private key, they will be unable to access their crypto assets. A private key can be used to retrieve a public key (which is used to receive crypto assets). Investors typically utilize hot wallets to avoid losing all of their crypto assets if they forget their keys.

Hot wallets are digital cryptocurrency wallets that have existed since Bitcoin’s introduction. Such wallets have proven to be the world’s most susceptible wallets. Security keys and codes are stored on all digital wallets’ web servers, which are particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks, scamming attempts, and other ill-intentioned actions. Sure, most high-profile hot wallet offering sites and firms employ stringent security procedures, but all it takes is a single security flaw for all of the investors’ money to vanish forever.

High Trade Fees & Other Hidden Charges

ETH Looks Stable

Although centralized exchanges typically state their terms plainly, their opaque nature allows for a lot of abuse. Traders must pay at every stage of their journey, from the deposit to the ultimate withdrawal, to perform a simple transaction and swap one cryptocurrency for another. As a result, traders are always unsure of the final amount they will receive in their wallets.

Issues Faced During Token Swap

As the cryptocurrency industry develops, new initiatives emerge with their blockchains and tokens to achieve specific objectives. Some aim to outperform Ethereum by providing developers with increased scalability, low or no fees, and other benefits. Others are designed only to be utilized in decentralized applications.

Eventually, the tremendous variety of alternatives necessitates swapping one crypto for another, just as Dollars, Euros, and Yen are exchanged.


Cryptocurrencies are a complicated world. A single mistake can result in funds being lost forever, with no way of recovering them. When a trader tries to send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address or vice versa, the same thing happens. Traders must exercise caution while sending bitcoins from one address to another. Now with the emergence of 123SWAP lives of people got so better than before.