Basic Attention Token Notes Major Growth During its First Year

It has been a pretty interesting first year for the Basic Attention Token project. Attempting to revitalize the way people use the internet and interact with advertisements is no easy task. Over the past 12 months, the project has successfully reached some important milestones, even though there is still a ton of work left to be done.

The BAT Year in Review

One of the main reasons so many people started paying attention to Basic Attention Token was its initial coin offering. More specifically, the project’s ICO took all but 30 seconds to sell out, raising $36 million worth of Ether in the process. Although there have been numerous quick ICOs in the past two years, BAT is still one of the few to have sold out so quickly.

One year later, and it seems this token is now being used in many different ways. Thanks to an avalanche of Facebook groups associated with the project, there is a lot of community-driven promotion taking place. Additionally, the BAT platform has successfully made its way to the Brave browser, YouTube, Twitch, and so forth. Using the token has become a lot more mainstream-friendly due to all of these integrations.

Even so, it still remains up to individual users to discover the potential of Basic Attention Token. It seems that situation is slowly improving as well, as the Brave browser now has over 2.4 million active users. Compared to other web browsers, it is still a very small project, but this major growth should not be overlooked by any means.

Moreover, the system of monthly payments to publishers and Brave users has seen some big changes. More improvements are coming in this regard, as the team plans to integrate additional options to support more creators and allow users to earn rewards for browsing with Brave. Getting paid to use the internet certainly sounds appealing, but it remains to be seen how that will play out exactly.

It is certainly true that publishers have taken a liking to Basic Attention Token. That’s especially the case among YouTube publishers, with over 11,000 creators signing up for the BAT platform. Combine that with 5,000 other verified publishers, and it seems BAT is off to a good start. Keeping this momentum in place will not be easy by any means, as the project still has a lot to prove to the masses.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for BAT. Initial interest seems high, but things are always subject to change in this industry. While publishers and users are showing great interest in this project, the Brave browser isn’t even close to rivaling Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Even so, the future looks rather promising for this particular project in its current state.