Baseline Taps Blockchain to Improve Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps

Contact tracing solutions are in high demand due to the global coronavirus crisis. Baseline, a smart contract and tokenization platform, is now throwing its hat in the ring.

Baseline is an enterprise-grade blockchain venture created by EY, Microsoft, and ConsenSys.

Improving Coronavirus Contact Tracing

It is looking to bring distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to real world use cases.

One of those use cases revolves around coronavirus contact tracing solutions.

More specifically, the project aims to address issues found in Google’s and Apple’s proposal for coronavirus tracking projects.

While the tech giants put forward a comprehensive proposal, there is room for improvement.

Relying on Bluetooth LE connectivity is promising, but it also introduces attack vectors.

In fact, there is an option to create mayhem through many efforts that don’t necessarily require much technical know-how.

Marking one’s Bluetooth “key” as an infectious patient, for example, can disrupt entire communities in quick succession.

It is best to address such vectors before they can turn into actual problems.

Solving these problems will require a different solution, and one that makes use of blockchain technology.

It remains to be seen if this idea will be embraced and implemented, however.

Contact tracing apps pertaining to the coronavirus are in high demand, but they also receive ample backlash from privacy advocates.