Bankera Opens Token Sale After Completing the World’s Largest Pre-Sale

With one of the largest pre-sales to date, raising over 25 million euros from over 16,000 contributors, the token sale for Bankera is finally live.

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The pre-ICO sold 10% of the tokens, and determined the price for the token generation event. The Bankera token sale launched November 27th and has already over 23,000 contributors with over 30 million euros collected. Currently at a price of 0.017 EUR per token, the price will increase as more tokens are sold, to a maximum price of .024 EUR per BNK.

Over 20 payment methods are accepted, including ETH, BTC, DASH, and XEM as well as EUR, GBP, and USD. Throughout the token sale, Bankera will honor their endowment payment, where 20% of transaction net revenue from both Bankera and SpectroCoin will be paid to BNK token holders on a weekly basis.

Bankera came as a natural extension of SpectroCoin, offering a cryptocurrency exchange, card, and wallet for over 490,000 clients and more than 64,000 cards issued. Since SpectroCoin has already developed an ecosystem similar to traditional banks, that existing technology was used to build Bankera, “banking for the blockchain era” as it goes.

Bankera will apply for banking licenses in multiple geographical locations, to be fiat agnostic and supportive of cross border transactions, as well as reduce number of counterparties in an effort to minimize unnecessary cost for the end consumer.

Besides offering international transfers, Bankera will also provide other vital banking services, such as loans and savings accounts. For users looking to earn more interest than a standard savings account, Bankera will also have low-cost investment products, such as ETF’s and crypto funds.

Bankera’s development strategy for their business is led by Craig Grant, who has worked for the Paysafe Group and Currencycloud in the past, and continues to bring forth groundbreaking results.

Recently, the Bankera team released a demo version of their exchange platform, as well as the ability for users to claim internal bank account numbers (IBAN) numbers.

Bankera’s success couldn’t be credited to just one person, however, since there are over 50 people on the Bankera team. The latest addition is Audrius Ziugzda, an expert banker who will be a valuable addition to the advisory board.

Ziugzda brings with him over 20 years of experience in the banking sector, specifically in M&A, banking operations, and strategic fields. Ziugzda will be joining the likes of Lon wong, president of the foundation, as well as two members of the European Parliament.

Exchanging crypto for other crypto, fiat to fiat, as well as crypto to fiat is another major service Bankera looks to provide, as well as a potentially huge revenue stream for both token holders and the team. Again, the experience from SpectroCoin will prove to be immensely helpful, and can just immediately adapt SpectroCoin’s exchange to be their in-house and cost-effective solution, allowing traders to trade at lower costs compared to other exchanges.