Baby Doge Investors Buying Bitgert After listing on Bitgert exchange

On January 5th, Bitgert exchange listed Baby Doge, and this is after Baby Doge topped a poll conducted by the Brise team a few days ago. However, listing Baby Doge on this ‘zero trading fee’ exchange has increased the number of its investors buying Bitgert.

This is because listing Baby Doge on this exchange has increased the visibility of $BRISE, as projected by experts. Therefore, we are going to see the number of $BabyDoge holders buying Bitgert increase rapidly as they understand the potential that $BRISE has.

Bitgert is poised to be one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies this year and was also one of the best performers in 2022. This was when Baby Doge was one of the coins that posted a massive decline last year.

Although the last 10 days have seen Baby Doge post an upsurge of 8% as of this writing, many of its investors are adding other promising coins, like Bitgert, to their portfolio. But why is Bitgert still the most attractive coin in the market? Here are facts you might need to know.

Why Bitgert Is Attracting Baby Doge Investors

Bitgert is attracting a lot of investors from big cryptocurrencies and not just the $BabyDoge holders. The massive profit potential the coins have is driven by the disruptive developments coming up and delivered. Crypto investors are excited by the speedy delivery of the Bitgert roadmap.

The Bitgert team is currently delivering the roadmap V2, and some of the key products have already been released in the last few weeks. The Brise exchange, a ‘zero trading fee’ centralized exchange, has been one of the most talked about and adopted exchanges in the market today.

Baby Doge investors are also buying $BRISE because of the explosion driven by the Paybrise adoption. The Brise team also made the Paybrise WordPress live, and the Shopify will be live soon. The development of the Bitgert decentralized marketplace and DEX is in progress.

The gasless blockchain, the recent deliveries, and the upcoming developments are the reason Baby Doge investors have been accumulating $BRISE after the coin listed on the Bitgert exchange. More investors will be buying this coin.


Bitgert (BRISE) has got everything to be the most rewarding in 2023. The massive adoption due to the massive utility built is what attracts a lot of investors to buy $BRISE. Therefore, we are likely to see more Baby Doge holders add Bitgert to their portfolios in the next few weeks.

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