B9Lab To Offer Ethereum Blockchain Training Courses

Ethereum is a platform designed to run applications that are secured by the power of cryptography, realizing the importance of this and to train qualified manpower to develop Dapps, B9Lab is going to offer a 9-week course on Ethereum’s platform, from the protocol basics to smart contracts and DAOs.  

Ethereum had a 1000% increase in valuation since its inception, the platform is seen by many as Bitcoin’s main competitor, others argue that they could form the perfect combination, with Bitcoin being the perfect way to store value and Ethereum as the main platform to develop and run distributed applications.

Many startups are experimenting with Ethereum’s technology stack, B9Lab want’s to teach and accredit up to 6,000 smart contract engineers.

B9Lab‘s course will comprehensively cover a Blockchain foundation module which contains the very basics of blockchain technology, from data structures to live projects using it, the course will then introduce Ethereum’s tech stack, explaining the different clients and how to set them up, how to create accounts, and the concepts behind DAOs -decentralized autonomous organizations- and Dapps -Decentralized applications-.

The course will also include the development of smart contracts though Solidity -One of Ethereum’s programming languages-, Truffle -Ethereum’s main development framework created by ConsenSys- will be covered as well.

To become a certified Ethereum Developer you will need to pay the £830 cost of the course, classes will start on June 14, and the estimated effort is 4-6 hours per week.

B9lab offers certificates to those participants who show very strong ability and understanding during the course. The requirements are fairly strict but if you manage to maintain an average of 80% or higher you will receive a certificate that is signed on the Ethereum blockchain.

B9Lab recommends having Basic object-oriented programming experience, understanding of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. 1 year of active development experience with an object-oriented programming language is also recommended. The course will employ Git and Linux, so having experience with those is a must.

The course was structured by Elias Haase, Ibo Sy, and Xavier Lepretre. Haas told media outlet ibtimes:

What is really important now is to get lots of people into the ecosystem. We see that there is money sloshing around and lots of interest from lots of companies. But everyone is struggling to find the people.

Ethereum comprises different technologies that will power many services, having certified experts in the field will greatly benefit the startups looking for manpower to build the next generation of distributed applications.

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