Averting The Doomsday Clock Scenario Will Require Technology Efforts

Some experts strongly feel society is getting close to an apocalypse. It remains unclear what type of doomsday scenario we can expect, even though the warning signs are difficult to ignore. A drastic change will come in the way we live, which will be primarily fueled by the new innovations in the technology sector. An apocalypse does not mean our species will go extinct, but rather, which ones will survive.

Three Minutes To Midnight On The Doomsday Clock

To put the concept of the Doomsday Clock into perspective, this reference is often used when our society goes through turbulent times. For years now, there is global financial instability to deal with on a regular basis.  Additionally, geopolitical tensions continue to mount, adding more fuel to the fire. Something will have to give sooner rather than later, and that change is a lot closer than most people anticipate.

It is evident world leaders are failing beyond belief right now. By focusing on the smaller problems rather than the real issues, we are losing track of what we should really fear. Climate change is, unlike what President Trump may claim, a very serious problem that needs more attention. Moreover, the threat posed by nuclear weapons should not be underestimated by any means either.

The Doomsday Clock is an indicator as to how much time our society has left before these issues will change our way of life once and for all. Neither nuclear weapons nor climate change is something to look forward to by any means, though. With some strong technological innovations, the second issue can be addressed in the next few years. Solving the nuclear weapon threat is a different matter entirely.

Other factors that allowed for the Doomsday Clock to be adjusted are the advancements made in biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Both of these sectors are destined to make life better for the human race, although it will not be without costs and sacrifices. Job cuts, various failed medical trials, and high expenses are just some of the facts to keep in mind when looking at what the future may hold for us all.

It is evident technology alone will not be able to solve every problem we are faced with today. Although we have some of the brightest mind walking around on this planet, their attention is often dedicated to projects that will only enrich the rich. Advancements in nuclear weaponry are the last thing we need right now, let alone an artificial intelligence with access to these systems. Nuclear energy, while not helping the climate change issue, should be used for different solutions than just warfare.

Although our society has never seen the Doomsday Clock hit midnight, it is the second time in a century, we are getting very close to an apocalypse.The previous time this happened was in 1953 when the US upgraded its arsenal of nuclear weapons. It was in that year the hydrogen bomb was added to the US military arsenal. Over sixty years later, that same threat still remains a key issue.

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