Auto Trade with Ease at 14 Exchanges and Beat The Competition with Gunbot

Cryptocurrency trading is now gaining a huge following, as for the first time, everyone and anyone can participate in this opportunity to leverage the fast-moving valuations of digital assets to turn into substantial profits.

With volumes and volatility ever present and a market that never sleeps, round the clock trading in crypto ensures windows of opportunity are open all the time. And with every corner of the world coming together to buy and sell crypto between millions of accounts, traders are now seeking every possible advantage, with even seconds of delay meaning the difference between unrealized profits or even losses.

No more misses trading opportunities with Gunbot

Gunbot is a trading tool that allows users to automate their trading, ensuring that every possible trade desired by the user is executed, even if the trader doesn’t see it. By defining rules under which certain trades are executed, traders can take advantage to have their orders executed automatically, without even needing to go online or login to their exchange, without even needing to be awake.

More than just another trading bot, Gunbot has unique features designed to give an edge to traders. The include:

  • 15 Different Trading Strategies: From the emotionless strategy designed for the novice trader, to the ichimoku for the advanced ones, Gunbot has everything.
  • Round the Clock Trading: By setting rules under which trades should occur, users can have the Gunbot continuing trades, even when the user is asleep. A trader needs sleep, Gunbot does not.
  • Deploy Alongside TradingView: TradingView, gives users to keep abreast of quotes, charts and expert opinions with real time updates, making decisions easier.
  • Wide Exchange Support: Gunbot supports an astounding 14 crypto exchanges, including the Kraken, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Binance,, Kucoin and others.
  • Multiple Exchanges: The automated trading tool gives users the ability to connect to multiple exchanges simultaneously, giving them the ability to trade and even arbitrage across different markets.

These and other trading advantages make Gunbot the ultimate trading bot in the cryptocurrency scene. Since its launch three years back, the trading bot has transformed the automated crypto trading industry. Today, the bot is used by over 10,000 traders who have managed to harness its competitive edge to generate profits in crypto trading. With Gunbot’s latest and continuous updates, it will become ever more appealing to traders.

How Does Gunbot Work?

The Gunbot is designed to have a plug and play interface, allowing anyone to set up trading strategies in a few steps.

Download, install, set strategies, select pairs, then execute the program on the chosen exchange you have funds on. It’s that simple. Gunbot will take over, running trades round the clock. Not satisfied? Tweak trading strategies any time you want, as you see fit.

Gunbot is light and has the advantage of fuss-free deployment on any laptop, PC and even VPS (Virtual Private Server).

With its seamless execution of pre defined or custom trading strategies, users can trade round the clock on not one, but multiple exchanges, giving them and edge over others who trade manually.

The developers of Gunbot are also planning to launch a native token, the Gunthy. This token will act as a license instrument, allowing token owners to become owners of the application by simply holding them.

For more information, visit the Gunbot website:

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