Author: Robin Singh

5 Takeaways From the New IRS Crypto Tax Guidance

The IRS released an update to its guidance on crypto taxation earlier this month, the first such update since the initial version in 2014. The new guidance is in the form of a Q/A released on the IRS’s website – it mainly clarifies the tax treatment of Hard Forks and Airdrops but also underlines the tax treatment of various other forms of crypto activity. This is one in a series …
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Cryptocurrency Taxes

Crypto taxes have been a grey area for a while; with many crypto traders being confused about how to file returns when it comes to crypto profits. However, in the past few years, the IRS has clarified most ambiguous issues around crypto taxation. In fact, it has now started cracking down on crypto tax evaders in a big way and as many as 10000 crypto investors recently received letters from …
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