Author: robertleyland

Are People Losing Faith in ICOs?

We’re almost halfway through 2018, and it has already been a rough year for crypto enthusiasts. High-profile scams and other issues seem to have stopped the markets from reaching the highs we saw toward the end of 2017. Add to this the criticism and FUD being spread by financial authorities and the mainstream media, and it’s easy to see why even the most optimistic of us might be rattled. This seems …
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Quantifiable Knowledge Exchange Made Possible by Emerging Tech

In an increasingly networked world, many industries are turning to blockchain, crypto, or distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions to enable a whole new class of use cases. They involve the two most basic mechanisms of this new wave of technology: sensitive information sharing and networked interaction without the need for a central intermediary. This is set to have a big impact on business soon. For example, when driving economies forward, knowledge …
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What Is BitDegree Cryptocurrency?

Of all the industries that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt, education seems like one of the least obvious. However, current education systems are not keeping pace with technological developments, leaving students out in the cold. The BitDegree Concept BitDegree’s concept is simple. Technology is outpacing the development of educational courses in traditional educational institutions. Therefore, the company seeks to provide the highest quality courses available to bridge an …
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