Author: Joseph Steinberg

Reimagining the BI Dashboard

Business intelligence dashboards have been a mainstay of the enterprise for a while now. And there’s a good reason for this—dashboards have helped centralize key information for employees, which has taken a lot of friction out of workflows.  Despite the name and focus of this article, it’s only fair to note some of the ways dashboards have massively improved organizations. By feeding employees essential data analytics visualizations, as well as …
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How Can You Best Protect Your Cryptocurrency?

If you hold cryptocurrency – or plan on doing so – you should seek the advice of an information security professional about the best ways to secure your assets; an expert can evaluate the particulars of your own environment and situation to help you best defend yourself against risk while accomplishing your financial goals.  That said, here are 18 pieces of advice to think about – and ideas to discuss …
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