Author: Dons Point

Why Most Tech Companies are Trying to Find Solace in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have so far become more than just a passing fad. These assets represent the future of global finance and money, and they are on a significant rise that can’t possibly be denied. Since January, Bitcoin alone has risen by almost 100 percent. The asset has broken its previous all-time record high of $20,000, and it settled above the $50,000 mark just two weeks ago. It has been an impressive …
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High Leverage in Forex Trading – Good or Bad?

There are many ways to see success in Forex trading, depending on how much effort you’re willing to put into the whole ordeal. While certain methods will generate slow, but steady success, others involve higher risk, but also higher potential rewards. You will keep learning about the ins and outs of these different approaches as you keep exploring the Forex market itself. For now, it’s important to focus on understanding …
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