Australian Police Seizes Over AU$1.5m in Cryptocurrencies From Drug-dealing Couple

Criminals continue to use cryptocurrencies to mask them activities. Despite the lack of privacy and anonymity, it seems unlikely that this trend will come to an end soon.

In Australia, two culprits were apprehended this week for selling various types of drugs.

Two More Criminals Use Bitcoin and get Caught

The Perth couple is suspected of dealing in MDMA and ecstasy tablets hidden in toy painting kits.

Australian Border Force officials discovered these strange packets several months ago. 

These packages are shipped from the UK, indicating the couple was buying the drugs to resell them domestically. 

Once police were alerted, they conducted an official investigation, eventually leading to the arrest of these two people.

During the raid on their home, the police also confiscated over AU$1.5m in cryptocurrencies. 

Which currencies are included in this seizure, has not been officially communicated at this point.

It is the biggest cryptocurrency seizure related to criminal offenses in Australia to date.

The WA Police Force also seized physical property and bank accounts, combined for another few million Australian Dollars.

It is unclear what will happen to the seized cryptocurrencies in the future.

In most cases, such obtained balances would be auctioned off to the highest bidder in the months to follow.

This is another crucial example as to why cryptocurrencies cannot be used to mask criminal activities. 

Sooner or later, police officials will come knocking and seize one’s assets in the process.