Augmented Reality Platform Vivid To Launch AR Crypto Portfolio Interface As Initial Public Token Event Runs

Augmented reality is a huge sector and has a great potential for growth. The ability to digitally impress information and graphics on everyday objects opens up doors to a new way to represent information. Most AR services are geared towards the entertainment industry. A multi billion dollar sector, it has grabbed considerable attention.

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Making Portfolio Management Fun

Having firm roots in the computing and AR market, Vivid developers looked towards combining two of the largest computer based sectors of last year. Augmented reality market is expected to be more than $50,000,000,000 by 2024 and cryptocurrencies had a peak market cap in excess of $700,000,000,000 in 2017.

Cryptocurrency investors know how volatile the digital money market is. Utilization of multiple trading tools and an immediate access to portfolio is they key in good investments and cashing on these. A device that is small, easy to carry around and can be online at a moment’s notice (if not already), such as a mobile, is the perfect solution for investors.


Vivid believe that even with all that, portfolio management still lacks a lot as cryptocurrencies are a multi faceted and two dimensional graphs and charts do not accurately represent all data, in such a fast moving industry. By combining the 3D graphical representation of data through augmented reality using mobile devices, Vivid aims to help investors in managing their portfolio that is not only complete, but with the power of Blockchain, it is secure, fast and always online.

What Does Vivid Offer?

Aimed to be the de facto crypto portfolio manager in the coming future, Vivid offers:

  • UI: A visually appealing interface that is easy to manage and can be overlaid on any physical surface through AR, allowing investors to use everyday objects.
  • Real Time Tracking: With the “always on” nature of Blockchain the AR platform will always be available to give real time tracking of assets.
  • Publishing Articles: Being more than just an exchange, Vivid allows users to publish technical analysis of cryptos, allowing users to earn at the same time.
  • Cross Device Service: available for a variety of mobile platforms and OS, Vivid even allows multiple devices to be logged in through a single account.
  • Event Advertisement: Through advertising upcoming token generation events, users will be informed in advance of projects and allow them to invest at early stages.

Vivid Token: Augmenting The Platform

Vivid token is, like most tokens in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum-based with the ERC20 standard. The token allows users to connect and access professional features, voting on user generated contents and rent out advertising space. The token’s initial public event is live right now. Out of the available 106,700,000 VIVID tokens, 100,600,000 are still available to early backers. The current round carries a 20% discount and 1 ETH = 12,000 VIVID.

For more information on the AR cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, visit their website: